About my musings

A minuscule pleasure has an earthy taste, not something complicated like a mango sorbet with a raspberry and white chocolate cake, but simply the taste of melted butter on toasted bread. Something that most people ignore, take for granted or overlook its beauty. It can be the first sip of a glass of wine when it’s hot, the smell of summer rain, an early morning cycle, a strawberry tart and so much more.

This blog embraces the randomness of life and throws all these minuscule pleasures into one big basket of captions and musings.

41 thoughts on “About my musings

  1. Your blog is really cute. I’m in love your your artwork on the top.
    I’m so happy to follow you here after the Junction Boutique.
    I may be too curious but what happened to your boyfriend, Mark right ? You were such a lovely couple and he doesn’t seem to be in your life anymore :/
    Have a nice day, hope it doesn’t rain in your town, it’s pouring on me now !

    1. Samantha,

      How very sweet! Thank you : ). Yes, Mark and I are no more together, I am myself happier with a wonderful new boyfriend and I believe him to have also found a lovely girlfriend so everything is in order, everyone is happy now : ).
      May I ask how did you come across The Junction Boutique? Very interesting little venture that one but also over, although a new one is on its way.
      Have a lovely afternoon.

  2. Oh ! Okay. If you have found a new piece of love, that’s perfect ! 🙂
    I don’t really remember how. I think it was on the facebook of a friend or maybe on a trendstyle blog, but it was the love at the first sight. I can’t wait for the new one !

    1. Little play on words with my firstname (Marine) and the fact that my musings are all made of simple joys and happy moments. ‘Someone is never blue’ is an old British expression to describe someone who is rarely in a bad mood and always smiling and ‘Marine’ being a tone of the colour blue, I thought that this play on words was charming.

  3. you are very intelligent, very beautiful, this can be ascertained from your reply, but you totally avoided the question? Aren’t yoy ever blue?

  4. i remember you very well, we were in the same high school, i find your route very nice. What is exactly your job?Since when are you in england?

  5. I enjoyed your blog very much – I love the pink velo!! and the smell of butter on hot toast!!! So English!!

  6. Word of mouth is so powerfull that i have been adviced to come and read this amazing blog. Without any expectation i found here a modern poetess. I haven t read articles like those little one for years, you brought me in your universe with success. My sister crazy of cakes will sweep down on your blog. I thank you for your web site, for your writing, and to Marie Aude without whom i would never thought of marineisneverblue.com.



  7. Thanks kindly for following my blog. Your writing is so wonderful, fluid and joyous. Are you working on other writing projects or such? Best, Joe

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely words! This website is only my daily way of expressing my creativity, do you think I shall perhaps extend it to more writing outside the blogging sphere? Very Best Wishes, Marine

      1. Hi Marine, I found this quote from Guy Kawasaki quite inspiring: “Writing a book isn’t an easy process nor is it always enjoyable, but it is one of life’s most satisfying achievements.” Perhaps you will too! Best, Joe

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